Davis/Bishop Land Use Study


A discussion on urban design and land use

Oversight Advisory Committee

Butch Boss
David Cooper
Amanda Cross
Art Garcia
Rick Garza
Val Haskell
Jack Keene
Jim Lake
Paul Maute
Michael Mendoza
Michael Nazerian
Lauren Odell


4 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Is any of the documentation available in Spanish? Also, can we have the documents available in public places, like the library, for community review?

  2. Michael A. Mendoza says:

    Hello Ann,

    On Spanish Translation:

    To my knowledge, the Land Use Study has not been translated into Spanish. My Spanish langage skills are limited, but if you would like to gather a few folks together I would be happy to assemble a bilingual team to offer a quick review of the proposals.

    On placing the documents in a location for community review:

    From this blog, I am able to measure the fact that hundreds of people have taken the time to download the study and many of the supporting documents. Yes, some may not have a computer in the home or at work. In this case the public library itself might serve as an access point. Still others may prefer holding a hardcopy. As you mention, one way of reaching this local band of luddites is to place copies in various locations. If you identify an appropriate public place, I will supply the first copy.


  3. Bob Carver says:

    For your information,

    Many years ago I was on the citizen advisor committee for the Jefferson Area Planning. It was to go on for about 6 months but ran well over a year plus. I disagreed with the plan as did several others and the city said they would put in safe guards. One of these was a dual use on several back streets this dual use was to include the owner being able to live on the property as well as run a business out of it. This dual use became something else and ended up requiring many of the properties to have two separate businesses on the property. A night mare for a small business and very unrealistic financially I owed one of these properties. There were many other items of contention but the city assured the property owners we would be take care of. What we gave up was zoning in the area that allowed Oak Cliff to build high rise buildings like Downtown Dallas. We had this zoning for many years. As you can see the Jefferson area has many empty lots being unused until some rich developer can acquire enough land for the city to change the zoning to suit him. So please be very careful in you dealing with the city planning commission, read and be sure you get everything you want in writhing before you sign off and re-read the final draft prior to it being voted on by the city. I hope your project goes much better that the Jefferson one did.

    Bob Carver

  4. Michael A. Mendoza says:

    I like the advice Bob. I can empathize with the long duration of time and the great amount of energy these initiatives seem to require. Many people are taking notice. The greater number of eyes the better in my opinion.


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