Davis/Bishop Land Use Study


A discussion on urban design and land use

Oversight Committee Meeting | June 26, 2008 | Mendoza’s Notes



Butch Boss

David Cooper

Amanda Cross

Rick Garza

Val Haskell

Jack Keene

Jim Lake

Paul Maute

Michael Mendoza

Lauren Odell


Larry Good


Bob Stimson

 Sub-Area 1 | Bishop Avenue | See Sub Area Map Legend-Link Above 
Recommendations For Characteristics & Objectives 
  • Beautify Streetscape
  • Allow redevelopment pattern of ground office, studio and gallery uses with residential above
  • Allow street parking to be counted toward code requirements
  • Honor existing front-yard setbacks


  • What about a bike path?
  • $4 million is presently available for street improvements (recent bond package)
 Sub-Area 2 | Bishop Arts Conservation District | See Sub Area Map Legend-Link Above  
Recommendations For Characteristics & Objectives 
  • Architectural criteria to remain – continue to promote preservation of streetcar era commercial structures
  • Eliminate max lot area requirement to permit assembly and redevelopment in larger increments in fringe areas
  • Reduce front yard setbacks to 10 feet
  • Increase max. height to 36 feet, number of stories to three
  • Increase max. dwelling unity density to 30 units/acre, if part of vertical mixed use project and increase allowable are ratios to 1.0 for all types
  • Edit (remove) some CS uses permitted in the Conservation District


  • On CS uses…what about light industrial uses offering local employment and artistic design/manufacturing?
  • Should we allow additional on-street parking to count toward code requirements?
  • What type of parking incentives should be made available to developers?
  • How do we create common parking areas?  Should we create them?
 Sub-Area 3 | Garden District   | See Sub Area Map Legend-Link Above 
Recommendations For Characteristics & Objectives   

  • Create higher density residential neighborhood with street-oriented multifamily and townhomes; allow ground floor non-residential uses such as retail, restaurant, office, gallery, studio etc. Along Bishop Avenue only, connecting Davis with Jefferson
  • Allow 4 story/60 ft. max height; no max. dwelling unity density and no max FAR
  • Create sidewalk and streetscapes standards to ensure a walkable environment, include “build-to” lines to create a uniform setback and street realm
  • Proximity slope applies from Winnetka Heights Historic District only
  • On creating common parking areas…let’s take another look at 7th Street – 7th is an underutilized asset, why are people apprehensive about using 7th?  Is it too dark?  Do drivers prefer street lights over stop signs?
  • One ways on 7th and Davis?
  • Davis is narrow in the area…is there enough room for 10 ft. of sidewalk, 12 ft. of  parkway, 16 ft. of parking, 22, ft. of vehicle lanes and 10 ft. for a trolley?
 Sub-Area 4 | Kidd Springs Park | See Sub Area Map Legend-Link Above 
Recommendations For Characteristics & Objectives 
  • Allow higher density residential, take advantage of the park proximity and the views
  • Only residential use permitted, except for the allowance for a restaurant with park frontage by SUP only
  • Four story/50ft. height limit; proximity slope applies; 25ft. front yard setback on Cedar Hill Rd.
  • Clarification on SUP for restaurant?
  • On-street parking on Cedar Hill?
 Sub-Area 5 | Kings Highway Gateway | See Sub Area Map Legend-Link Above 
Recommendations For Characteristics & Objectives 
  • Promote the development of mixed-use/retail at the intersection of Kings Highway, Tyler & Polk & Davis; encourage conversion of triangular islands to park or plaza space
  • Retain architectural attributes of the Conservation district, but apply to commercial and mixed use structures
  • Allow retail, restaurant and office uses; edit out some CS uses
  • Increase density for residential uses, require a residential component on mixed use developments
  • Increase allowable lot coverage from 25 and 40 percent to 80 percent with max height to 60ft and adjust landscape regulations
  • Develop signage standards and streetscape standards
  • Applying Conservation District attributes to areas outside of district boundaries may effectively increase the District’s boundaries without consent from property owners
  • What about encouraging a round-about at the intersection of Tyler, Polk, 7th and Davis?
  • This area already carries the greatest volume of vehicular traffic along Davis…what do we do to accommodate the additional density and maintain vehicular flow?
 Sub-Areas 6 A&B | Bishop Avenue | See Sub Area Map Legend-Link Above 
Recommendations For Characteristics & Objectives 
  • Beautify streetscape, creating a desirable pedestrian experience and a pleasant walkable environment
  • Edit and refine the allowable land uses to reduce the number of auto-oriented uses along the street
  • Allow on-street parking to count toward code requirements, implement a reduction in parking requirements, triggered by trolley service
  • Provide incentives for vertical mixed use development with residential uses above the ground floor to a max height of 5 stories and 75 feet
  • Create a “build-to” line to establish a consistent street realm, with parking prohibited in the front yards
  • Develop signage standards
  • Create a blanket license allowing the use of the public right-of-way for dining patios
  • What about a bike path?
  • How do we slow traffic in this area?
 Sub-Area 7 | Winnetka Heights Village | See Sub Area Map Legend-Link Above 
Recommendations For Characteristics & Objectives 
  • Preserve character of district by identifying “contributing” structures along this portion of Davis and 7th
  • Implement standards regarding building placement, form and treatment
  • Continue to require CAs except for signage, establish a signage ordinance as replacement to the CA process
  • Allow office uses and select retail, restaurant and personal services uses, allow free standing multi-family and MF as part of mixed use structures
  • Three story/36ft. max height, increase max lot coverage to 80 percent; 2:1 FAR; no max dwelling unit density, no proximity slope applicable because WHHD currently allows 36 ft. height
  • Consider reduction of parking requirement of 25 percent for residential uses.  Implement a neighborhood parking permit program to restrict the encroachment of on-street parking for commercial uses onto residential streets
  • Winnetka members expressed concern about traffic and parking migrating into the historic district

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