Davis/Bishop Land Use Study


A discussion on urban design and land use

About the Land Use Study

Mayor ProTem Garcia and Councilman Neumann appointed an oversight committee for the Davis Street Land Use Study. This Study will be conducted by Larry Good, of Good Fulton & Farrell Architects. The purpose of the committee will be to advise and guide Mr. Good through a process of developing a comprehensive set of planning and zoning recommendations for the Davis Street and Bishop Avenue corridors. These recommendations will be proposed to Oak Cliff communities and presented to the City Plan Commission and the Dallas City Council for approval and adoption as a City of Dallas ordinance.

Study Time-line:

  1. May | Kickoff Meeting with oversight committee to understand and enumerate objectives and to determine the area to be included in the study area.

  2. June | Oversight committee meets to craft a preliminary vision for land use and urban form.

  3. June | Prepare exhibits useful for public discussion

  4. June/August | Conduct group and individual meetings and engage key City of Dallas staff

  5. June | Request City Planning Commission to call a public hearing to determine proper zoning in the study area

  6. July/September | Conduct neighborhood workshops, gather input and disseminate information

  7. September/December | Prepare recommendations for City Planning Commission and Dallas City Council


10 Responses

  1. kelly ingrum says:

    As a resident of the West Kessler neighborhood, here are my comments regarding land use, and development in general, along Davis…

    Pedestrian and bicycle friendly – Plans should include consideration and priority for pedestrians and cyclists. Davis street (especially east of St. Cecilia) has a wonderful “human scale”. Anything we can do to get folks out of their cars and onto the street (continuous sidewalks, bike racks, benches, trees, etc.) would be welcome. The distances are not that far, but the current infrastructure does not encourage foot traffic or cycling.

    In this regard, the area west of St. Cecilia’s is much different… traffic moves quicker (more lanes) and crossing the street is much more difficult. The density of businesses is also much lower. Efforts to slow down traffic, provide street parking and to otherwise unite these areas would be helpful.

    Locally owned and operated – Plans should include incentives for locally owned and operated establishments so that the businesses along Davis remain largely local. This could help retain the unique and character of the area and prevent homogeneity. Additionally, I would like to see businesses that will serve the adjacent neighborhoods given preference over those that serve the larger city.

    Old buildings – It should go without saying that we should preserve the old buildings that line Davis. Incentives to rehab should be given over new construction. Again, this helps to retain the unique character of the area.

    That’s all for now, but I reserve the right to post more later 🙂

  2. Katherine Homan says:

    Who are the members of the Oversight Committee? Have the surrounding Neighborhood Associations been invited to become involved in “advising and guiding Mr. Good through the process of developing a comprehensive plan?”

  3. Michael A. Mendoza says:

    Hello Katherine,

    Members of the oversight committe were selected by councilpersons Garcia and Neumann and the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce. Members fall under the categories of neighborhood resident or property owner. The oversight committee selection includes:

    Butch Boss
    David Cooper
    Amanda Cross
    Art Garcia
    Rick Garza
    Val Haskell
    Jack Keene
    Jim Lake
    Paul Maute
    Michael Mendoza
    Michael Nazerian
    Lauren Odell

    It is my understanding that neighborhood meetings/workshops will take place later this year during the months of September-December.

  4. Jane Anne Bryant says:

    I was recently advised that this committee existed and would live to be apprised of meetings. I purchased a 1925 apatment buidling on the corner of Elsbeth and Davis on August 31, 2007. I purchased it with the intent to preserve it and make it economically viable, it has been the subject of much discussion recently. I beleive the building to be important to the area and the entire area important to Dallas. I hope the committee steers development in the area to increase economic development while preserving the character of the area, character which has been lost to the interests of developers in other areas. Do you want Davis to look like Uptown? Do you want it to look like Farmer’s Market?

  5. Joseph Hernandez says:

    I believe the Land Use Study was plannned without much neighborhood input. We all know that “town hall” meetings and forums have historically been a method to get approval for something that is already planned. How much input will actually impact the plan already in place? We’ll never know, but I would encourage everyone to get as many neighbors/residents to the meeting tonight. It seems as though the number of individuals on the “Committee” that are business owners or representatives of large investors/developers far outweighs the average resident who should really be given priority in these cases. I would be interested to know how many of the individuals that Garcia and Neumann appointed actually LIVE in Oak Cliff or along Davis/Bishop Corridor.

  6. […] order to address these issues, the councilmembers appointed a steering committee of twelve individuals that represent the abutting neighborhoods and businesses to guide an […]

  7. Pecos45 says:

    My main concerns whenever I see something like this going on are two-fold:
    1) Almost all of these projects are slanted to help people in the real estate “development” businesss. What about us homeowners who have day jobs and don’t speculate in real estate, construction or land flips? How does this benefit us?
    2) Almost everything called “urban renewal” is really “Mexican removal.” Hispanics need a place to live, too. While re-gentrification is great for the real estate business, what about the folks who already have businesses along Davis? Are they just going to be shoved aside? Don’t they have a right to make a living, too???

    These are merely my concerns.

  8. OC-rez says:

    The plan presented appears to be a step forward. From an historical aspect – as long as the existing historical structures (or facades and shells for that matter) are salvaged and restored so that the original neighborhood character is maintained, it appears to be a viable plan worth considering.

  9. Corinna Bailey-Wills says:

    I live on Bishop Avenue next to a doctor’s office. On a daily basis there are cars parked in my driveway and/or parked on the street blocking my driveway. The owners of the office have not been willing to work on this problem and formal complaints to the City of Dallas have not helped. My concern is that this problem will only get worse with more businesses on the street.

    Previously I understood that part of the bond package would be used to create parking ‘bump outs’ along Bishop Avenue to clarify visitor parking. Is this still under discussion? Are there any other plans to alleviate this problem?

  10. Pecos45 says:

    I also would prefer that meetings NOT be held in local churches. That church/state thingee.
    There are plenty of civic venues available. Please consider them in the future.

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