Davis/Bishop Land Use Study


A discussion on urban design and land use

The plan is not consistent or compatible…

Posted by Darryl Baker:

After looking at the plan in detail, I see some major structural flaws.

1.  The majority of the study area is NOT Davis Street.

2.  The urban forms proposed are not consistent or compatible with what is here or what most people would envision is traditional and green Oak Cliff.

3.  The residential component does not reflect the needs or concerns of current residents and the is NO RESIDENTIAL REPRESENTATIVE on the committee.

4.  Based on what has been presented so far, I do not see new neighborhoods of involved and connected residents since most of them will be renters and not “owners”.  There is a severe lack of owner-to-renter balance that is being proposed.

5.  There is no demonstration that high concentrations of renters form “viable neighborhoods” — especially in Dallas.

6.  The consultant has failed to provide any pro forma data that support the levels of density in the proposed plan and he has not shown that there is a viable plan that would encourage these levels of newcomers as renters to Oak Cliff in a timely manner that would support the plan.

7.  Given the current and five-year future market, there is no demonstration that these proposals are economically feasible or advisable.


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2 Responses

  1. alleycat says:

    1. Davis is the major corridor that the study revolves around.

    2. Change is difficult for people who don’t fully understand the “study”. It’s not a project; it’s a “study”. Not understanding the study is not a justifiable reason to stop forward progress. You are focussing on the architecture, this is a zoning study. Any architecture built would have to conform to neighborhood character requirements.

    3. There are residential representatives on the study; with the exception of 3 people, every person on the study LIVES in Oak Cliff.
    The study area selected predominantly deals with the commercial corridor, and surrounding areas that are commercial, not residential. As such, the plan appropriately calls for residential components; up and down Davis. If you take a closer look at Oak Cliff you will find that the beauty of it is that multifamily is interspersed throughout. Whether it’s Winnetka Heights, West Kessler, Kidd Springs; multi-family properties are interspersed, and successfully so, throughout.

    6. By the year 2020 it is estimated that Dallas/Fort Worth will grow by an estimated 3 million people. We will not have to find density, we will be forced to accomodate density. The best places to do that are the inner city locations because of their proximity to downtown and city services.

  2. Pecos 45 says:

    Why is that real estate people always need a handout from the government before they will do anything?

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