Davis/Bishop Land Use Study


A discussion on urban design and land use

Public Meeting, October 22, 2008

Click here for Public Meeting Presentation – This is a large file.






Date:    10/22/08


A public meeting was held on 10/22/08, at the Hitt Auditorium at Methodist Hospital. The purpose of the meeting was to gain feedback from the general public on the study proposals.


Presenter & Land Use Study Consultant: Larry Good (LG)


Part I – History and Purpose of the Study Effort


LG – Overview of first meeting and statement of goals


Public Comments:


(1.1) A concern about condos and rezoning…not on topic

(1.2) A concern about car lots along Davis…doesn’t want to see more

(1.3) A Kidd Springs/Cedar Hill Resident states that  the local infrastructure needs to be addressed if we are going to increase density …”I doubt the current sewer system, etc. is sufficient…”


Public Question:


(1.4) On transition areas between higher density areas and single family residential areas – LG: we’ll discuss that in the next section

(1.5) Who are stakeholders? Answered by LG

(1.6) On traffic and traffic flow…will this effort address traffic? – LG: yes/Davis 60’ ROW/Bishop 100’ ROW …discussed what can be done from a planning standpoint for traffic calming

(1.7) On the topic of traffic…[it] has become a significant problem.  We see accidents everyday…how are we going to add a trolley to the mix? – LG: we’d love to return Davis back to you rather than it being a pass through for people traveling through.


Part II – Study Area Scope


LG – Discussion of limits of each sub-area (LG)


Public Comments:


(2.1) A resident from the proposed garden district wants to know why we should make such a large area out of such a diverse section of the community.

(2.2) Mr. Butch’s automotive… “I’m one of those undesirables.  In business in the area for more than 38 years.

……..A response to Butch…She is not against “undesirable” businesses…rather she is against unlawful activity

(2.3) A concern about Bishop Arts being renamed …information not being explained properly…”renaming Bishop Arts…Garden District?


Public Questions:


(2.4) A question about taking “chunks” out of conservation districts… “setting a dangerous president?”

(2.5) Melba Street Resident.:…renovated house $115,000…worried about what is going to happen with this effort

(2.6) What about fthe uture of non-conforming businesses?

(2.7) Will Pinkerton…concern about gerrymandering around Church’s properties between Winnetka and the proposed Garden District – LG: We’ll look at those PD’s again

(2.8) Allison…will this work as an overlay? …some of these overlap multiple districts

(2.9) Question about emanate domain – LG: no strategy for that


Part III- Characteristics of Each Sub Area


Bishop Ave Sub Area


(3.1) Concern about 4-story…concern about parking…issue with new office “isn’t the standard 3:1…why do something different here?…2:1”

(3.2) Please explain proximity slope

(3.3) A concern that head in parking would eliminate parkway – LG: we would be trading “Ave” effect for the new median

(3.4) A Madison Avenue resident want to know if these changes will this include “my property?”


Sub Area 2- Bishop Arts


Public Questions:


(3.5) What about parking? – LG: …start to reduce parking requirements


Sub Area 3- Garden District


Public Comments:


(3.6) Those buildings (shown) don’t fit here- 5 stories doesn’t fit – LG: no architectural guidelines…we may need to look at that


Public Questions:


(3.7) I have to drive to get organic groceries…what are you going to do about that? – Reply: There is a new store planned for Sylvan/Ft. Worth Ave


Sub Area 4- Kidd Springs


Public Comment:


(3.8) Resident: “I live on Cedar Hill…not realistic” …park is pretty full in my area …park gets plenty of usage

(3.9) Jim Bernard: I actually like what you are doing…I may take a few arrows for this…Good Work.


Public Questions:


(3.10) Vicky…why are you stuck on 4 and 5 story buildings …“2-3 stories better for this area…as opposed to 4-5”


Sub Area 5, 6, 7


Public Comments:


(3.11) We should retain cultural flavor, social diversity …I’m not seeing it in what you have presented…housing for 250,000-$300,000 is not moderately priced to many of us – LG: This is only going to happen if you want it to happen…

(3.12) Resident: “This doesn’t work for everyone…”- LG: it won’t …what we need is consensus

(3.13) Business Owner: I represent the lower income area of Oak Cliff. I have the car lot on Davis and I don’t like the idea of moving people out. Do I have to move my building up to the street? The only place zoned for a car lot is this area between Tyler and Bishop

(3.14) Statement on transportation and introduction of a trolly…LG: If you want a trolley…you need higher density and vitality …if you think you are going to have it with out change …dream on…

(3.15) Do we want status quo or things to encourage change?


Public Questions:


(3.16) Art speaking for a Hispanic couple, “…will our property taxes increase”… I’d like to hope not

(3.17) Will auto related uses be forced out… A discussion on amortization

(3.18) Resident: Won’t it delay development if you don’t incorporate an amortization schedule

(3.19) Dick “that map looks like electric guitar” …higher buildings in nodes along a strip…”foot hills & mountains”

(3.20) Jenny Stelarsky… “why did Kidd Springs come into play when it is the only area that is strictly residential” …Oak Cliff area a collection of PD’s  …how do we educate ourselves to do what’s best for this neighborhood and contribute to this process

(3.21) Resident…“back to proximity slope…to protect us…I can’t get the math to work” – LG: it works



Introduction of City of Dallas Planning Commissioners

Gary and Prothro and a discussion of Next Steps



Source: GFF Planning


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