Davis/Bishop Land Use Study


A discussion on urban design and land use

Let’s Make the Plan Pedestrian & Bicycle Friendly

Published by Kelly Ingrum:

As a resident of the West Kessler neighborhood, here are my comments regarding land use, and development in general, along Davis…

Pedestrian and bicycle friendly – Plans should include consideration and priority for pedestrians and cyclists.  Davis street (especially east of St. Cecilia) has a wonderful “human scale”.  Anything we can do to get folks out of their cars and onto the street (continuous sidewalks, bike racks, benches, trees, etc.) would be welcome.  The distances are not that far, but the current infrastructure does not encourage foot traffic or cycling.

In this regard, the area west of St. Cecilia’s is much different… traffic moves quicker (more lanes) and crossing the street is much more difficult. The density of businesses is also much lower. Efforts to slow down traffic, provide street parking and to otherwise unite these areas would be helpful.

Locally owned and operated – Plans should include incentives for locally owned and operated establishments so that the businesses along Davis remain largely local.  This could help retain the unique and character of the area and prevent homogeneity.  Additionally, I would like to see businesses that will serve the adjacent neighborhoods given preference over those that serve the larger city.

Old buildings – It should go without saying that we should preserve the old buildings that line Davis.  Incentives to rehab should be given over new construction.  Again, this helps to retain the unique character of the area.

That’s all for now, but I reserve the right to post more later


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