Davis/Bishop Land Use Study


A discussion on urban design and land use

Boundaries: Consider Expansion

The oversight group talked about increasing investment and preparing a foundation for new developments and amenities along Davis Street and Bishop Avenue. The discussion was positive. We all seemed motivated to create an environment for higher density development, to reduce the ratio of auto-related businesses, to introduce stronger standards for signage, to encourage green building methods and to remove road blocks for mixed-use projects. Good stuff. I agree with each of these objectives. At the same time, I think we should consider how these changes could influence development trends along corridors located in the immediate area.

We know the effect of squeezing a water bottle or sitting on an air mattress. That’s right, the contents are displaced and they come out on the other end. Will displaced uses simply move down the street? Specifically, I am thinking about the stretch of Davis/8th Street between Zang Blvd. and I-35. This corridor is presently excluded from the study area. If the future of Davis Street involves being a destination, than the street’s eastern corridor, and its connection to I-35, must be viewed as an entrance. What will this gateway look like?


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